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Newsletter. June 2007

The Way Ahead. We have had some valuable feedback on this subject from the last Newsletter. Our thanks to those who have come forward and are already mucking in, its really most encouraging. However we still need more of you, so if you have any thoughts of helping out, in any shape or form, for the good of the Carn, then do, please do get in touch. Check out the website for the text of the previous Newsletter.

It is with grateful thanks that we acknowledge receipt of another generous donation from Redruth Charity Trust. Their continued support and interest in Carn Marth gives us great encouragement to know that our efforts and the magic of the Carn are appreciated by the community. Redruth Charity Trust awards grants annually in May. Aimed at non-profit making groups providing recreational, cultural, educational or social support for their members. The groups must operate in the TR15/16 postcode areas.

Carnival. Yes, we are taking part in the Lanner Carnival this year! We have a float kindly driven and loaned by Mr D P Moyle, Contractor of Carharrack, with decoration kindly donated by Testdale Shopfitters of Cardrew Industrial Estate. We need helpers for both this and our other events, to help dress the float and to participate, contact Miranda Parry on 01029 821673 now.

BBQ. We are holding a BBQ in the Theatre Quarry on Saturday June 30th starting at 7pm. This is a free entry ‘open to all’, members and non-members alike, event, an opportunity to get together over a bite to eat. Come on up and join us after the Lanner Carnival Parade. Tell your friends, bring food to cook and join in the discussion on The Way Forward for the Carn Marth Trust. We will have our refreshment stall open for teas and coffees. We shall have membership forms so you can renew or join the Carn Marth Trust on the night.

Litter Pick. Sunday July 1st at 10 am by the Theatre Quarry. We will provide bin bags and gloves. Many hands make light work, or so Im told! Don’t leave this all to a few Committee members. We generally put in an hour or so with a general tidy up around the Carn and then go home to polish our halos.

Now here is the latest contribution from Mark Kaczmarek:-
The glorious hot weather during the month of April not only attracted the regular summer visitors such as Swallows and Cuckoo’s, there were visitors of the travelling kind who with their busses, trucks and caravans decided to set up camp next to the amphitheatre quarry. I was contacted by a member of the public at 7.30am and straight away contacted the Carn Marth Trust, the District Council and the police and at 9am met on site with the Carn Marth Trust.

We then knocked on the door of one of the vehicles and had a conversation with the occupants and explained to them that this was privately owned land and asked politely when they intended to move on, they told us that they needed some where to stay for a few days and gave assurances that they would leave the site clean and tidy. The Trust has now erected a gate to prevent any similar events happening in the future, this just proves that if issues are reported a soon as they happen they can in most cases get resolved.

The County Council has produced an excellent Countryside Events Diary which has a number of interesting walks and talks to suit all ages, most of them are free of charge. To receive a booklet please contact Cornwall County Council on 01872 323468 or 0159 370030. I will be involved during the Mineral Tramways Festival Week in August conducting some Underground Trips at the Holmans Test Mine at Troon, also walks and cycle rides, one of the rides is a charity cycle ride on Sunday the 5th of August in aid of St Julia’s Hospice, if you can ride a bicycle the venue is the Crossroads Travel Lodge at Scorrier, the start time 10am, you can get sponsorship or give donations on the day.

Any one who would like to sponsor me can contact me on 01209 211366.
Mark Kaczmarek. County and District Councillor. St Day Lanner and Carharrack ED.

Summer Theatre Event. Miracle Theatre are back. This year they will perform their version of ‘The Taming of the Shrew’ on Friday August 17th 2007, starting at 7.30. Last years performance was played to a full and very appreciative house. Tickets are available now, phone 01209 820717 or from Hall for Cornwall. If you havn’t been to a performance in our Open Air Theatre before this is your chance for a new experience. Bring blankets and cushions, and even a picnic, we have been told its even better than The Minack!

Vice Chairman’s notes:
Me again, as Alex is away counting turtles on a Greek island while we are experiencing some of the worst June weather on record! Where is this hot summer they are promising us?

As you have read the Trust is having a busy time at present, but we do need to concentrate on the Way Forward. Your help in this matter is most important, as the Carn is not just for the enjoyment of a few Committee members but is for everyone to enjoy, and your input is needed. Is there a Fisherman out there? We see plenty of people fishing but we do not have anyone representing them or some of their time to help clear rubbish etc from the lake. Come on Fisher Folk get on board and join the Trust! Perhaps you could organise some sort of competition or the like.

Sad to say, due to fly tipping etc we are experiencing a considerable infestation of Knotweed which we have had sprayed but this costs dearly. In that vein I would like to thank Geoff Salmon of St. Day for giving his time and hard work to spray it all. Geoff is qualified to handle and administer the Spray.
Does anyone out there have any old photographs of the Carn and surrounding areas that we could beg borrow etc for our Archives? In fact any old maps, newspaper cuttings etc would be most appreciated. Please contact the Secretary.

Here too is PC Rob Denton’s contribution:-

On The Beat in the Mining Villages.

My Police colleagues fondly refer to me as “Denton of the yard!” It’s a long story, and I like to blame D.I.Frost from television fame, who is of course famous for being the senior officer at Denton CID.

I have been the NBM now for just short of 2 years, and have worked very hard to develop a close working relationship within the communities in and around the mining villages.
These relationships rely on honesty and mutual trust, the knowledge that there is local availability to a local policeman, and the bonus of actually seeing a ‘Copper’ within your midst, keeping a watchful eye on things. In return, people trust me and talk to me. They give me the nod and alert me to potential problems that I convert into intelligence submissions.

Service of that level is very difficult to provide, and even more difficult to maintain, but most of all for us, my results are very difficult to record. While I know that fewer burglaries are likely to happen in an area known to be regularly patrolled, how can it be recorded?

(Constable reporting to inspector)“Sir, Today I prevented 10 burglaries and 8 thefts form cars, and there would definitely have been a serious accident, just there, if I hadn’t walked past while on patrol”
No sadly the Police are only able to record numbers that actually happen, and so how, therefore, do they justify officers like me? It’s a difficult one, and I was therefore delighted to hear that the new Chief Constable, Steven Otter, is absolutely committed to community Policing.

At almost the same time of Mr Otter taking the Devon & Cornwall Constabulary ‘hot seat’, the new neighbourhood implementation programme started. The home office direct that the police, in partnership with a host of other statutory agencies and groups, will listen to the public, and provide actionable plans to address all problems, reduce crime and disorder, and restore communities in a sustainable way. It is called PACT. Partners, And Communities Together. And guess what, it has a fair chance of success, as long as the general public get behind it, switch off the telly, and admit that they too are a small part of the problem.

As part of the neighbourhood implementation, they have also re-aligned/joined some beats, and reduced the number of NBM’s while swelling the ranks of Police Community Support Officers, and created crime investigation teams to more thoroughly investigate volume crime such as minor assaults and criminal damage.

What does all that mean to you? Well, if you ring 999, the response time should be better, and the officer will have greater resources at his/her disposal to provide you a better service. We also promise to keep you better informed during the course of an investigation, and provide better support for witnesses and victims. Locally speaking however, the mining village beat was conjoined with the Redruth South beat, and as a result Pete and I spend a lot of time dealing with tasks and issues that are not village related so we are seen much less frequently on the rural beats. I hope this doesn’t spoil the relationships and trust we have earned up until now, and that our service continues to give reassurance, and reduces the fear of crime.

I’m still Denton of the yard, But boy oh boy, it’s certainly a huge yard.

Sunday August 19th. Endurance Great Britain Horse Ride across the Carn, contact Mrs Alex Prout on 07815 326021 or e-mail: A photographer will be recording the event near the lake on the day.


sunset from carn marth

The view from the hill, it doesn’t get any better than this

Despite, or is it because of, the vagaries of the weather there are even more orchids on the Carn than last year and only a couple of weeks ago a Red Kite was seen overhead there. Naturally we would be delighted to hear from you if you have seen something of interest on the hill so that we can pass it on and log it in our database of species on the hill.

Any one who would like to contribute to the Newsletter please contact either myself or the Secretary.

KG. Ed

‘caring for land on Carn Marth’



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