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Newsletter January 2004

Happy New Year to all our friends and members – and what a good start we have in being able to announce that the Carn Marth Trust is now a Registered Charity!

After 17 years of caring for land on Carn Marth we feel that the CMPG has finally come of age. We already have our fully approved Constitution and with the achievement of Charitable Status we are confident of finding new and sustainable sources of funding for the future care of the Carn.

There is a growing realisation of just how precious the land is that we are committed to caring for and keeping as an open space for all.

When the Group was formed in 1986, the Local and County Authorities regarded Carn Marth as having ‘significant landscape value’. With each year that passes the worth of the hill as a resource increases at the same pace as the corresponding increases in the pressures on all our open spaces. By the same token the value of the site as an oasis for the flora and fauna indigenous to Lowland Heath habitats has risen dramatically. There is no reason why with proper management and care, the land on Carn Marth should not remain as a place where people can continue to get out into the fresh air, enjoy the stunning views and generally recharge their batteries, while at the same time the outlook for wildlife is maintained and improved.

As a way of marking what amounts to a re-launch of the Group, we have been invited to stage a small exhibition at the Cornish Studies Library in Redruth on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, 26th, 27th, 28th February and we are fortunate in having Candy Atherton MP come along on the Saturday, at noon, to say a few words and give the Group her seal of approval. We are inviting as many as possible of those who have contributed to the success of this project but in particular we look forward to meeting you, the members, at the Cornish Centre.

Should you have any material for the exhibition in the way of photographs, press cuttings or any relevant documentation, please let us know in order that they may be included.

We shall be producing a full Newsletter in due course, this will include detailed information on new ways the Group can benefit financially from donations, Gift Aid etc.

KG – Ed. January 2004



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