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Newsletter 5 September 2004

A flock of thirteen Ravens flew low overhead as we and Miracle Theatre were preparing the Theatre Quarry for the first nights performance of ‘Hamlet’, I remarked that it was a good omen, but it wasn’t that many hours later that it was raining hard enough to force the cancellation of the play. Not such a good omen after all. So with some foreboding we gathered the next afternoon to set up again for that nights performance, or not. Weather forecasts had been studied, runes cast and prayers said. Something certainly worked, because it all came good, the only dry evening for ages and soon the Quarry terraces were filling up with several hundred expectant people. Miracle Theatre’s version of ‘Hamlet’ held us all spellbound, moved and delighted for two and a half hours. It was their 25th year of production and the experience they have accumulated under Bill Scott’s vision and guidance clearly shows. They did themselves, and the CMPG, proud, many thanks to them for a wonderful evening, our best evenings entertainment for some time. Maybe the Ravens were just a day out.

A couple of weeks earlier we had another of our regular litter pick ups. It was made easier this year with Kerrier Contract Services providing us with gloves, pickers, bags etc, the whole kit in fact. Many thanks to them. We completed cleaning the Theatre Quarry and the area around the top pool when the skies opened and those without coats got a thorough soaking and a halt was called. Eight bin bags full had been collected, so well done all who were able to take part. For news of our next spruce up on the Carn see the notices on the back page. All ‘volunteers’ will be most welcome. There is a never ending supply of litter to take care of and although it isn’t the most exciting way of spending a couple of hours, you will go home feeling just that bit superior. In addition to common or garden litter we get cars dumped on the Carn and in one ten day period leading up to the theatre performances there were three, abandoned, set on fire and left for someone else to clear away. The most recent was one burned out right in front of the Theatre gate the day before the first performance. A big thank you to the guys from Kerrier who arrived with their truck to pick it up and dispose of it for us at very short notice. Hopefully the vegetation around the entrance will regrow without any lasting effect. When a group of us were pulling Ragweed recently we tried to flag down a pair of motorcyclists to point out that they were on a bridleway, they simply opened their throttles and sped off up toward the top of the hill doing at least thirty mph. Sooner or later someone is going to get hurt, or worse. Those people who are actively encouraging motorists and bike riders to use the bridleways around the Carn must bear some of the responsibility for this behaviour and the attendant vandalism. Cars and motor bikes really have no place on the Carn. Firstly, it is the law, motor vehicles are not permitted on bridleways and secondly we believe that there must be places where one can go without the presence of motors and that Carn Marth is one of them.

The burnt out car before removal by Kerrier DC’s team.

Right to Roam’. No need to wait for the ‘Right to Roam’ on Carn Marth! You and anybody else who wants to, can roam the hill all day and every day. Our aim has always been to keep Carn Marth open and free for all to enjoy.

AGM. Our Annual general Meeting is scheduled for Thursday October 7th at 7.30 to take place at Carharrack Methodist Church School. There will be a guest speaker after the formalities. Pop it in your diaries and new members, do please come along and say hullo, our formalities aren’t really that formal. There will be refreshments provided. The members of the Committee and I look forward to seeing you there, the more the merrier, its only one evening a year so why not make the effort.

Litter Pick-Up. We will have our Autumn pick-up on Saturday October 30th. Meet by the Theatre Quarry at 10am. All gear supplied. The view comes free and you can enjoy it while doing your bit for the Carn.

KG. September 2004.

A personal note from Graham Davis - Against my better judgement, I have ended up being responsible for the repairs and maintenance of the Trust’s property. This has involved yet again, considerable repairs and the provision of a new electrical cabinet due to wanton vandalism. Hopefully the new design of the vandal proof cabinets will prove successful for us and unsuccessful to the vandals. Such vandalism has cost the Trust several hundreds of pounds over the years and such cost is not sustainable. They have even stolen a 30 metre length of safety fencing which we will have to replace. If it was not for the efforts of a small number of members the repair costs would have run into thousands and I thank them for their help. If any member sees any untoward activity with the Trust’s property or equipment, please do not hesitate to contact either the Police and/or a Committee member.

Members, if you are willing to assist for an hour or two with works needed in the Theatre please do let me know on 01209 820717.
I have learnt from the Chairman that due to family and other commitments Alan Green will not be standing for the Committee in the new term. I would personally like to thank Alan for his enormous help and support he has afforded me in carrying out the repairs and maintenance, which amounts to hundreds of hours and has substantially reduced my workload.

I would like to mention how much Alan achieved in his term of office. He oversaw the successful introduction of the "new era" for the CMPG. His impartiality and fairness in all matters laid the foundations for the way forward. My personal thanks to you Alan for all your hard work.

Graham Davis



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