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Newsletter 6 March 2005

Walking over the Carn in February, with a stiff North wind blowing and the temperature barely above freezing is not really the time to stop and count how many of our historical engine houses can be seen. How many would you think there are? I just had to know once the question had popped into my tiny mind and so I started counting, going clockwise from the Four Lanes transmitter, not counted, and continuing right round. I got to fifty one of the more obvious engine houses and associated buildings and stopped there. I am sure there are more and on a nice summer day armed with a map and some planning a more accurate figure can and will be arrived at no doubt. It just goes to show what a wonderful mix of riches there are to be seen and enjoyed on the hill.

We often meet people on the Carn who have no idea that the CMPG exists and what it has achieved over the years or that parts of the Carn are in the care of someone. At various committee meetings over the years the question of signs has come up and then for one reason or another sunk. Cost, effort involved, they will all be vandalised and so on and so forth. I am pleased to report that the bullet has been bitten and we have signs at long last. Yes, they will be vandalised, but we are here to stay and the signs have been designed to be relatively easily replaced. They have already born fruit in the shape of inquiries into the hire of the Theatre and for membership forms. Do let us know if you see anything we should know about.

On the last Sunday in February the Cornwall Archaeological Society held a guided walk led by Mark Kaczmarek. Starting in Lanner Square we made our way up to Figgy Dowdy’s Well and on over the Carn to St Day Old Church before returning via Carharrack. Mark kept up a running commentary pointing out details both great and small with fascinating histories. Although it was cold the sun shone and it was dry, all in all a real treat and for some, a fascinating first time on Carn Marth.

We have a firm booking for the Theatre Quarry already. Miracle Theatre are to perform on two, possibly three nights in July, the 5th, 6th and 7th to be exact. This is an advance notice, there will be full details in due course. If it is only half as good as last year’s performance, we are in for a great night’s entertainment. Keep an eye out for ‘The Case of the Frightened Lady’.

Police recently mounted an operation at Wheal Maid to counter the increasing use of cars and motor bikes on Bridleways in the area. This is not only an offence but is dangerous and makes residents lives a misery. At least one offender is being prosecuted and several others issued with warnings and the threat of confiscation of their machines. The Police are to be congratulated on this operation, we all know how stretched their resources are. It is hoped that something similar can be done on Carn Marth. The problems are exactly the same. There is no legal access to the Carn for motor vehicles, they cause distress to walkers and horse riders alike and make residents lives in their own homes a misery. In one ten day period last year there were three stolen cars dumped and set on fire on the Carn, the mess all had to be cleared up, with the sterling help of Kerrier DC and our own volunteers. Not only is this against the law but it is totally unacceptable in this outstandingly beautiful area maintained by volunteers for the benefit of everyone. We will be using all our persuasive powers to eradicate this senseless behaviour by all means possible, but we need help. When you see this sort of thing happening on the hill do please at the very least report it to the Police, with registration numbers if possible. The members of the committee simply cannot act as the Carn Marth police, although they do all in their power when they are there.

I used to think, before I was ever a member of that exalted clan, that Committee members were just that, exalted beings of some sort. They knew stuff and had special powers and so on. It isn’t so. We are just ordinary people, no offence to my colleagues of course, who give up their spare time to keep the ball rolling. And that’s the point really, the ball is already rolling, the affairs on our lovely hill have a momentum of their own and all they need is a guiding hand, or hands. One of us will be stepping down come the AGM this Autumn, which will leave us seriously short handed. A couple of new committee members would be most welcome. None of us bite, not often anyway. Meetings are held every six weeks or so and last a couple of hours. The Pay is nil, but there’s satisfaction in plenty. Come on someone, give it a go and get in touch, we look forward to hearing from you. In fact, here is an idea for anyone interested, why don’t you come to one of our committee meetings, they are open in any case, members can and do sit in from time to time to see for themselves what goes on and join in when they feel like it. Contact us for the date of the next meeting.

Sadly, I have to report the death last November of Joy Reeve. She and her husband Fred were staunch supporters throughout the campaign to save Carn Marth. That the Carn was saved and safeguarded for the foreseeable future is a lasting tribute to Joy and all who gave and continue to give their time, money and effort to that end.

That’s all for the time being, the first Swallows will be here in four or five weeks time with the Warblers, Cuckoos and other summer migrants following on not far behind, the trees will be covered in soft, new green leaves. Lots to look forward to.

KG. Editor
March 2005



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