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Carn Marth


Newsletter Summer 2003

Hello everyone, yes, we are still here. I know its been a long time since you last heard from us and for which please accept my apologies. This is largely due to a very sad bereavement as well as serious illness.
However life goes on as always, so here is the latest from the Carn. Our formal application to the Charities Commission has been with them for some time now and we eagerly await their decision. They have been most helpful so far and we have no reason to doubt the successful outcome, i.e. that the CMPG will become a registered charity. This will be an important milestone in the groups history and will further secure the future of our lovely hill.

The Woodland Sub-committee have completed and delivered their report to the Management Committee. Full copies of which will be circulated to all members. The content of the report will be the subject of an Agenda item at the AGM in October, where there will be the opportunity to discuss and vote on its recommendations.

The Summer Event! The Theatre Group, ‘The Society of Wonders’, has chosen Carn Marth Theatre Quarry for their latest offering – play – performance, they won't tell me much about it but they are absolutely brimming with energy, ideas, confidence and smiles. They will be making use of the Theatre Quarry from the end of July onwards to prepare their extravagant event. The performances of the play ‘Bellerophon’ will take place on the following dates:-

Sunday 24th August Wednesday 27th August & Saturday 30th August

After last year's run of foul weather we all have our fingers crossed, which makes typing rather tricky, for something a bit more summery. Look out for further news and information regarding ticket sales etc. ‘The Society of Wonders’ will be taking great care to keep any disturbance of residents to an absolute minimum.

It is always a source of wonder to me that from time to time the Carn seems to generate a response in people who come to visit it that actively helps to us to tend and nurture it. Ian Davis from the Heathland Trust visited last November and immediately made a number of helpful suggestions and furthermore opened our eyes to the hill’s existing status as one of the vital stepping stones of remaining Lowland Heath in the South West. At the very least we will be able to call on his and the Heathland Trust’s expertise to help us maintain the Carn’s status in this respect. Ian Davis was also able to put us in touch with other organisations who I will not name just yet. Suffice it to say that there is the possibility of some modest funding from them for us to carry out such works as Knotweed control and litter carry outs. Couple that with our forthcoming Charity status and we will be able to breath a little more freely on the funding front and rely less totally on the summer events which are always at the mercy of our weather.

Talking of litter. And this is particularly addressed to anyone connected with fishing on Carn Marth. The amount of litter left by those who fish the pools on the Carn has to be seen to be believed. It really is dreadful. The actions of the thoughtless few are getting all who fish on the Carn a bad name. So please, please, carry out and take home your wrappers, cans, ring pulls, plastic bags, etc. The surround to the pools, the top one in particular is becoming wrecked. Mums and Dads, if your kids go up there to fish get them to bring their rubbish home. The motto is ‘Take nothing but photos, leave nothing but footprints’.

We will be having a Litter Carry Out on Saturday July 19th.
All meet at the Theatre Quarry and then work our way over the hill. All help will be welcome, many hands make light work. If you come don’t forget some protective clothing and gloves plus at least one tough bin bag. We will be providing refreshments after we finish by taking the results to the tip.

Is 2003 an unusually good year for the growth of plants and trees? It certainly seems like it. Our rambles up the Carn were made all the more pleasant by the super display of Broom in flower earlier on this year. We have never seen quite so much out all at one time. The little patch of Royal Ferns have at least doubled in size and many other plants have shown a similar spurt in growth. On one lovely day in May I heard three different Warblers, a Chiffchaff, a Whitethroat and a Willow Warbler, in the space of half an hour. No great rarities there but the hill would be all the poorer without them.

I hope and trust that I have covered all that I should. As usual I welcome input from anyone with anything to say. Here’s to a continuation to the lovely weather for the rest of a long, long summer. Hope to see you on the hill, especially for the Litter Carry Out.

The Photo I have used instead of our logo shows a long view of Carn Marth from below Carn Brea. The engine houses are at Wheal Uny. Hope you like it, I think it makes a nice change.



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