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Newsletter number 7. September 2005

September, and already its been an interesting and challenging year. Summer still lingers warmly on and early the other morning you could be forgiven for thinking that you had stumbled on The Lost World up on the Carn. Great luminescent patches of mist below and distant landmarks like islands across the sea, the whole scene glowing with colour. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Miracle Theatre put on their play ‘The Case of the Frightened Lady’ on July 6 & 7th. This year we had two dry nights. The second night coincided with the London bombings, which may have contributed to a smaller audience than we were expecting, even so, more than a hundred and fifty people of all ages were treated to theatre at its best. Completely different to last years production. Miracle love coming to the Carn and hope to make it up there again next year. We certainly hope so too. Many thanks to all volunteers for helping prepare the Theatre, direct car parking and man the catering stall. A special word of thanks to our resident engineer, Graham Davis, who ensures that the power supply is fully functioning and meets all current safety requirements.

Some of you may have noticed the works on top of the hill, near the outlet to the top pool. This is to cure problems associated with the outflow of water. We now have a purpose built soak-away with a buried feed pipe from the pool. Our thanks to local landowners for their first hand knowledge which helped Cornwall Highways to arrive at the solution, our thanks to Highways as well for their patient response.

Many of us find the Carn to be a place of such deep significance that it has an important part to play in our lives. On August 20th Angela and Stephen Holland chose to have a Hand Binding ceremony in the Theatre Quarry after their wedding. The fairly informal ceremony was attended by many family and friends and took place on a dry, sunny evening. With bubbles galore and friends representing the guardians of the North South, East and West the charming ceremony was facilitated by Andy Norfolk. It was a first, and I hope not the last, for the Carn and the sort of thing that makes all our efforts over the years to preserve it well worth while.

AGM. On October 20th we will have our Annual General Meeting at the Carharrack Methodist Church Schoolroom starting at 7.30pm. An item of added interest this year will be one of Mark Kaczmarek’s lively and informative talks immediately following the evenings business. We all know that AGMs are not the most exciting way of spending a couple of hours. They do of course play a vital part in the running of group’s like ours and Committee members enjoy catching up with those of you who do make the effort to turn up. We do hope that with Mark’s talk booked in, that more of you can find time to come along this year. There are new members to meet as well.

On August 30th a small group of us went up to the pool on top of the Carn to start removing the Parrot Feather weed, Myriophyllum aquaticum. This must have been accidentally introduced by someone releasing a fish from their pond or aquarium. It is an internationally recognised Invasive Weed and if left to its own devices will eventually cover the entire surface of the pool. This would mean an end to all fishing up there, plus the native plants will be swamped out. There is no creature in the UK that eats it or controls it in any way. It is an attractive plant, but only safe in its native habitat. So the message is, please don’t empty even part of the contents of an aquarium or pond into the pool or any other freshwater system, the plant can grow from even a tiny stem fragment. We collected five big black bin bags full and will have to go back for another session at some time. At the same time we did a litter pick of all the rubbish floating in the pool which amounted to two full bin bags of mainly plastic bottles etc. If you see someone responsible for this sort of thing please give them an earful! There is absolutely no excuse for it, they take the bottles up there, they can take them home for disposal. We, or more precisely The Carn, badly needs your help.

While it is usually a mistake to single out people by name, one inevitably forgets someone else just as deserving, I will just add one more note of thanks. Mark Danby has, entirely off his own bat, been regularly litter picking on the hill and in Cathedral Quarry. He couldn’t make a better job of it if he was paid. Many thanks Mark, keep it up.

That’s all for now, I look forward to meeting you all at the AGM and of course up on ‘our’ hill.

KG. Ed’. September 2005.



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