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Carn Marth Amphitheatre 2019

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Zetan Spore and friends




zetan spore at carn marth amphitheatre 28th september 2019

Zetan Spore play a live set of driving, full power, tribal psytrance with Zetan Spore DJ Sets, Torsion Jim, Torpitude and PhUNKMuppet and the 420 (Live)



Cheap Date Dance Company

perfect world miracle theatre at carn marth amphitheatre

Dance, sound, visual art, poetry, clowning, humour and physical storytelling all combine to bring a unique, unforgettable experience.

Our living, breathing staircase. The stories trodden into our stairs tell tales of mischief, uncertainty and adventure. Inspired by original and iconic literature on the theme of stairs, featuring writing and music from award winning poets such as Luke Wright and sound designers including Hannah McNeill. Iconic literature such as A.A.Milne’s ‘Halfway Down’ will also be used to inspire the work. The show is pitched at a family friendly audience. A full-length work made up of a section of short stories/poems each 10 -15 minutes long.

Choreographer/Director - Grace Murdoch and Company
Performed by Debbie Mason and Emma Holt
Stairs design and build - Murdoch Design


Hot & Cold Drinks plus a simple Licensed Bar - Beers, Wines & Cider - will be available
You're welcome to bring picnics etc.

NB There is only very limited Car Parking space at Carn Marth - which has to be 'Last In, First Out' - so, please, walk to Carn Marth, Car Share or be prepared to park on nearby roads.

  Earlier in 2019......  

Miracle Theatre

perfect world miracle theatre at carn marth amphitheatre

Miracle Theatre is celebrating its 40th Anniversary in 2019 with A Perfect World, a brand new action-packed adventure following a feisty young woman as she journeys into a Boy’s Own world of undiscovered jungles, treasure maps, campfires and penknives.

Leading her team of quarrelsome explorers, she stumbles into a bountiful paradise, whose inhabitants seem entirely peaceful, productive and fulfilled.

Is this tranquil place the best of all possible worlds? Or is it all too good to be true?


This touring open-air show written by Bill Scott, in collaboration with composer Tom Adams, promises to be a rollicking musical comedy about nature, reason, justice and gender.





we are not shellfish sabotage theatre at carn marth amphitheatre


Sabotage Theatre

Sunday 9th June 4pm

Family show, suitable for all ages

The play is narrated by 2 goldfish; Bertie and Cassandra. They live in a fish tank in Leah’s bedroom.


‘Heartfelt, anarchic theatre at its best’ – Queer Puppets Cabaret


Leah is a very unusual child with grown up concerns. When she was 8 years old she was introduced to the concept of infinity. That night she lay sleepless, trying to imagine how big Space is in all directions. The sea feels a lot like outer-space, but you can see its edges. That's always been a comfort to her. At 10, Leah gets in trouble at school when she has a fight with a boy who is squashing ants. She is sent to talk with a Special Octopus to help her work through her angry feelings.
Leah and the Octopus become friends, and hatch a plan to steal a boat and sail to France.
We are not Shellfish is magical coming of age story, which explores the imagination, courage and resilience of a girl with an ambition to change the world.
  3 daft monkeys at carn marth amphitheatre july 28 2018

3 Daft Monkeys

Sunday June 23rd 4pm


With their quirky and original approach to music, and their passion, intensity and sheer joy of life, 3 Daft Monkeys have gained themselves a large and loyal cult following. Their music is hard to pigeon-hole, mixing and crossing many musical genres from Celtic, Klezmer, Gypsy, Balkan, Latin, Ska, Dub Reggae, Indie, Rock and even a hint of Shostakovich.





What went on in 2018.....


illyria theatre at carn marth amphitheatre

Saturday 25th August 2018

We were thrilled to welcome Illyria to Carn Marth for the first time with their adaptation of The Hound of the Baskervilles.

Who killed Sir Charles Baskerville?
Can anyone prevent the same fate befalling the young Sir Henry Baskerville?
Is a monstrous hound really roaming Dartmoor?
Why is someone systematically stealing Sir Henry’s shoes?
And how does a ghostly hound manage to leave vast paw-prints and other unwelcome evidence of its existence?
The original and greatest literary detective of them all, Sherlock Holmes, and his assistant Doctor Watson, tackle the most baffling case of their careers in this faithful, cheeky but chilling adaptation...


  3 daft monkeys at carn marth amphitheatre july 28 2018

The 3 Daft Monkeys - another sell-out, but we had to move them at the last minute due to adverse weather conditions.



This year they were supported by The Resistars.





Sunday 29th July 2018
Noon - 4pm approx





*Our expenses have gone up this year, so any contributions gratefully received, but if you are even more broke than we are, then hey - it's free!


Our annual get-together, with gentle entertainment in good company. Bring a picnic or some food to barbeque on the communal BBQ.

A bit different this year - come and see.......

disparu theatre - waiting for a storm



miracle theatre at carn marth amphitheatre

Saturday 21st July 2018
Miracle Theatre, The Cherry Orchard


This summer, Miracle unpacks Chekhov’s bittersweet comedy about a once-wealthy family, whose idleness and extravagance have brought them to the brink of bankruptcy.

Obstinate and self-absorbed, they are deaf to the rumblings of change which surrounds them, and unable to accept help when they need it.

Will it take a revolution to destroy their cosy world of privilege and entitlement – or will their own stupidity be enough?

Miracle’s new adaptation treads the tragicomic tightrope, bringing out all the humour and pathos of Chekhov’s masterpiece which, more than a century after it was written, is as popular as ever.

'I laughed, broke my heart and cared about every single character from start to end'
'Fun and thought provoking as usual'


Saturday February 24th 2018
Daylight Group - Signs and Wonders

The Day-Light Group present Signs and Wonders featuring Hanterhir and Tim & Athene (of 3 Daft Monkeys).
Live Music, illuminated landscape, projection and dance come to Carn Marth!

As part of this Water themed festival of light and music we are excited to announce that the legendary Hanterhir will be performing tracks from their epic Carn Marth Lake inspired rock opera ‘The Saving of Caden.’ The extraordinary Tim and Athene from 3 Daft Monkeys will be getting us moving to their infectious dancing rhythms.

Signs and Wonders will be bathing Carn Marth in pools of rippling light. Let the ‘Spirit of Light’ an illuminated dancer and drummer lead you to a floating light installation and dancing projection skimming the surface of the lake. You will find lanterns, performances by the Day-Light Choir, and there will be hot food and drink available.

Scroll down to see the archive of previous years' productions or click here to find out more about the theatre if you are thinking of using it as a venue. We are always keen to hear from new companies!

3 daft monkeys at carn marth amphitheatre 2017


Once again the Monkeys drew a large crowd - don't miss them next year.....

  The Third Policeman by Flann O'Brien


This summer Miracle ventured into a world somewhere between Alice in Wonderland and the Marx Brothers, where the earth is not round but sausage-shaped and night is actually an accumulation of black air; where eccentric policemen fall in love with bicycles and you can visit eternity via a rickety lift, hidden beside a lane in the heart of rural Ireland.



brown willy at carn marth amphitheatre 23rd september 2016



Shot in just 10 days on location on Bodmin Moor in Cornwall, Brown Willy is a micro budget comedy drama (described as Cornwall's answer to Withnail & I) about friendship against the odds.



run for your life - kneehigh rambles 1st may 2016



There once was a boy
Two boys, three boys, a hundred boys.
There once was a girl,
Two girls, three girls, a hundred girls.
They lived in a house, a street, a village,
A town, city, tent,
Underneath the rubble,
And here in the slate and granite.






miracle theatre at carn marth amphitheatre - life's a dream



Nothing is as it seems…


An epic fable of love, war and destiny, full of passion and humour, from Cornwall’s award winning Miracle Theatre.

Based on Calderon’s greatest play, La Vida Es Sueño, published 20 years after Shakespeare’s death, Life’s a Dream is regarded as the jewel in the crown of Spain’s golden age of literature.

A young Woman, travelling through a wild and mountainous region, discovers a Prince who has been imprisoned by his father since birth, to foil a prophecy that he will bring disaster to the world and death to the King. Prompted by the Woman, the King is overcome with remorse and sets his son free, giving him the chance to prove his good character. But is it ever possible to escape one’s fate?


Skylight Outdoor Cinema presents


jurassic park at carn marth amphitheatre


Watch this classic film in the wild and immerse yourself in the action right in the heart of Cornwall’s mining countryside.
Plus special guests – we’ll be joined by Cornwall Wildlife Trust’s Geology expert and Cornish Edible Insects, but don’t fear, there’ll be tasty treats and refreshments available, and a bar from Dynamite Valley Brewery too!
Remember to bring along your picnic rugs/cushions to sit on and blankets.

A unique opportunity to see this classic film in a wild, outdoor setting. If it rains, it will only add to the excitement......


Coming to Carn Marth for the first time......

'Macbeth' (The Comedy Version)

Oddsocks Theatre's Macbeth comedy at Carn Marth amphitheatre

Shakespeare’s dramatic story of ambition turned bad is brought vividly to life in Oddsocks’ hilarious new musical adaptation.
Set in an orderly and steampunk-style world of value and decency, the ruling monarch Duncan holds sway with a caring, iron fist.
His chief warlords Macbeth and Banquo return triumphantly from the battle field - The Boys are Back in Town and on the way discover supernatural assistance in the trio of the three weird sisters and soon they are on course for promotions.
Awaiting his return is Macbeth’s ambitious Killer Queen wife. Although Macbeth needs convincing that they will one day be Royals she releases the devil within him and soon there’s blood on his hands.
One murder leads to another and another until pretty soon Macbeth’s on a killing spree: Don’t stop me now. But You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet because revenge is on its way.
Macbeth realizes there’s a Ghost in my House and Lady Macbeth is slipping into a Mad World of her own making and maybe in need of a Frontier Psychiatrist.
Macbeth begins to lose control and his Live and Let Die has him Free Falling.
With the audience’s help though, good soldier Macduff takes Macbeth to task and in a final explosive battle ensures that Scotland is All Right Now.



3 Daft Monkeys at Carn Marth amphitheatre


Following their stupendously successful first visit to Carn Marth, we are excited to welcome the Monkeys back.

With their quirky and original approach to music, and their passion, intensity and sheer joy of life, 3 Daft Monkeys have gained themselves a large and loyal cult following. Their music is hard to pigeon-hole, mixing and crossing many musical genres from Celtic, Klezmer, Gypsy,
Balkan, Latin, Ska, Dub Reggae, Indie, Rock and even a hint of Shostakovich.

After experiencing the band’s notoriously energetic live performance at Glastonbury Festival last summer, Mark Radcliffe declared them as one of his “Highlights of the Festival” on BBC
TV coverage, and subsequently invited them to play a session on his BBC Radio 2 Folk Show.

The band have also performed a live session with Whispering Bob Harris on Radio 2.

This year, the band will also be joined by the DayLight Choir.



CARN MARTH DAY VII (we've given up on VI)






Our annual free get-together, with gentle entertainment in good company. Bring a picnic or some food to barbeque on the communal BBQ; make a bracken scarecrow; watch, or join in the dancing - watch this space for more info as it transpires.

For the past two years, this event has been cancelled due to adverse weather conditions. This year we are determined to embrace whatever weather we get and plan a series of rain-friendly games and entertainments. The wellie throwing may be particularly apt. Maybe some synchronised swimming and perhaps a duck race.....




Canvas & Rum North South Theatre at Carn Marth Amphitheatre, Lanner




Very sadly, this had to be cancelled due to bad weather.

Set in the 1800s, ‘CANVAS & RUM’ is a maritime theatre piece, sailing between the South Sea whalers and the historical Falmouth packet ships, looking at the life of an old shell-backer who left his home in Kernow after a family dispute. This old sea dog takes on the duty of teaching a new shipmate the ropes on board the ocean going ship. Bad luck strikes the vessel and its crew, forcing the return home that had been avoided for decades. Inspired by tales such as ‘Moby Dick’ and ‘Heart of the Sea’, but based on historical figures and events in Falmouth, Canvas & Rum is a maelstrom of shanties, sirens, superstitions and sea-sick sailors.

So if you have the stomach for it join us on our voyage but keep your eyes peeled because there are monsters in the deep!

All aboard for an adventure on the high seas.



cornwall film festival shakespeare season on carn marth romeo and juliet



Sadly, this was our second cancellation, due to technical difficulties experienced by the promoters.

Dir: Baz Luhrmann | USA | 1996 | Running time 120 mins | 12

Baz Luhrmann’s now-iconic 1996 adaptation of the classic, Romeo and Juliet, starring Oscar-Winner Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes as the tragic couple. The film is set in the created world of Verona Beach – a violent, other world set neither in the future nor in the past where the Montagues and Capulets share an enmity that has become the birthright of their offspring. These wealthy, selfish, ruthless and powerful parents rule this created and frequently corrupt world of businessmen and politicians against which unfolds the well-known love story together with St Day community choir performing some of the classic tracks.

+ Silent Shakespeare shorts – a unique collection of early Shakespeare adaptations made between 1899 and 1911 remastered from the only known surviving materials of the originals accompanied by a specially commissioned score by award-winning young composer Laura Rossi.


See the trailer:

  Scroll down to see the archive of previous years' productions or click here to find out more about the theatre if you are thinking of using it as a venue. We are always keen to hear from new companies!

What happened in 2015



With a new 4 piece line up including percussion and 3 part harmonies, frenetic fiddling and 12 string guitar, and with Celtic and eastern influences, the 3 Daft Monkeys dynamic style of world-influenced folk music and infectious dancing rhythms, will leave you breathless, enthralled and exhilarated.
The desire to dance is irresistible.



Miracle Theatre
The Magnificent Three
Written & Directed by Bill Scott with music by Tom Adams.



Miracle takes a long-awaited visit to the Wild West with this brand new spaghetti western for lovers of open-air theatre.

Gather up your posse it’s time to head out to the Wild Frontier with award-winning Miracle Theatre for a rootin’-tooting’, side-splittin’, finger-clickin’, toe-tappin’, saloon-door-swingin’, double-cross-dressin’, Hoe-down dancin’, quick-draw slinging, Spaghetti Western adventure….YEEHAW!







Our annual free get-together, which seems to be getting bigger and better every year. Gentle entertainment in good company. Bring a picnic or some food to barbeque on the communal BBQ; make a bracken scarecrow; watch, or join in the dancing - watch this space for more info as it transpires.....



A piece of new writing about the Great War Set during the first years of the conflict, this poignant dark comedy follows the story of two innocent and enthusiastic men who volunteer their services to Britain after Kitchener's call for a New Army.
“Back before Christmas, they said.”

The two friends (who are also brothers-in-law) do their best to keep each other’s spirits up, with bawdy humour, trenchant sarcasm and a camaraderie that only comes from knowing one another for years. Letters from home are not always a joy to receive.

Despite the fiction, this story’s background is firmly based in reality as battalions of ‘Pals’ were really formed from groups of friends and work-mates, and they fought together just as they do in the play. The transition from being caught up in the propaganda machine which promised glory and honour, to the reality of their situation (rats, lice and all), takes you on an unforgettable and gripping journey.

At each touring location, the production will adapt to become community-specific, bringing to life the community’s war-time historical connections.



What happened in 2014.....

The Tempest, William Shakespeare
Miracle Theatre

Freely adapted & directed by Bill Scott with original music by Jim Carey.

miracle theatre - the tempest 9th August 2014, carn marth amphitheatre


Full £14/Concs £11 ( under 26's & over 65's) Child's ( under 16) £8 & Family ( 2 adults & 2 childs) £38

Click here to book online




Despite truly horrendous (although certainly appropriate) weather, Miracle gave us a terrific show - as usual!









Our annual free get-together was unfortunately cancelled due to an extremely bad weather forecast. Looking forward to better weather for the next one!


Romeo & Juliet







We were delighted to welcome the Youth arm of the Redruth Amateur Operatic Society to the Amphitheatre for the first time and we were not disappointed!






What happened in 2013....


‘Waiting for Godot’ by Samuel Beckett
Miracle Theatre, dir Bill Scott

Miracle Theatre - The Importance of Being Earnest




Deadly serious and seriously funny!
Cornwall’s Miracle Theatre demonstrates why Waiting for Godot, once famously described as a play in which ‘nothing happens, twice’, is one of the most profound, moving and funny plays ever written. Both deadly serious and seriously funny, Beckett’s timeless masterpiece explores what makes us tick with clarity, dramatic force and genuine humour.
Delivered by a stellar cast of Miracle’s best known actors, this classic about a couple of vagrants killing time under a tree was a perfect reason to spend an evening under the stars!

Read 'The Stage' review



‘Gulliver's Travels’
London Touring Theatre

gullivers travels by london touring theatre



We joined Gulliver on his travels as he journeyed from London on the adventure of a lifetime. Shipwrecked in the middle of nowhere, Gulliver finds himself in the bizarre and wonderful worlds of Lilliput and Brobdingnag.






Our FREE afternoon of gentle entertainment, including music and dancing and the ever-popular wellie throwing and scarecrow-making competitions!

Magic once again!



What happened in 2012.......


Saturday 18th August 7:30pm
‘The Importance of Being Earnest’

Miracle Theatre - The Importance of Being Earnest




Cornwall’s Miracle Theatre’s productions are one of the highlights of the summer!

And this was no exception!


We are already looking forward to next year's offering......




Sunday 19th August 12 noon - 4pm

Carn Marth Day IV

At the last moment, the sun came out and we had a brilliant day. The massed choir was very popular, with a lovely mix of songs.

As ever, the mini scarecrow competition attracted a fair few entries, all exhibiting masses of imagination (and bracken).

The Scratch Band, it has to be said, was somewhat scratchy, but nevertheless they did some sterling work and kept a valiant band of dancers on their toes.

The BBQ was a resounding success, as was also the newly purchased marquee.

And then there was the wellie throwing.....

Don't miss it next year!



What happened in 2011....

Saturday 20th August 2011 7.30pm
The Death of Sherlock Holmes
, Miracle Theatre
A famous detective
A new type of crime
Unusual suspects…
Written and directed by Bill Scott. Original music score by Jim Carey. Design by Alan and Jude Munden.

Medusa the Celt

It’s a dangerous time for Sherlock Holmes: preparing for his final battle with the criminal mastermind Moriarty, he stumbles upon a most ingenious crime.
The trail is littered with clues, rare botanical specimens and paranormal goings on. It leads from 221b Baker St, via the Swiss Alps, to a suburban séance, where Holmes's powers are stretched to the limit. Discovering his own life to be in danger, he enlists the help of Dr Watson - and a voice from beyond the grave. Can he crack his most puzzling case before his time runs out?
Test your powers of observation and deduction, alongside the world’s greatest detective, in this tangled, ‘whodunwhat’ - a web of questionable motives, bizarre weapons and devilish disguises!
Miracle Theatre stirs up all the ingredients of the best Sherlock Holmes mystery with a large measure of comedy to bring audiences of all ages a period thriller with a sting in its tail!



Sunday 31st July 2011 7.30pm
PRIDE & PREJUDICE by Jane Austen
Directed by Mary McCarthy

pride and prejudice by jane austen, heartbreak productions at carn marth, lanner, cornwall

Jane Austen’s most popular classic set in the rural village of Meryton follows the story of five sisters’ amorous exploits.

From the sweet and good natured eldest daughter Jane, down to the coquettish and petulant Lydia the whole spectrum of women’s behaviour is examined in minute detail with Austen’s delicate yet intense observation.

Heartbreak’s fresh and contemporary adaptation from its writer in residence, David Kerby Kendall will highlight the wit, fun and absurdities of the characters. Intermingled with period dance, music and song.

And Heartbreak say that their very own Mr Darcy will make you tingle with anticipation…





By William Shakespeare. Freely adapted and directed by Bill Scott.

Miracle Theatre presents Tartuffe by Moliere






Once again Miracle played to a packed house and a very appreciative audience, many of whom were invited to sit on the stage to ease the crush!

We love having Miracle here and they seem to enjoy coming, so here's to next year's production.....

Thanks Miracle, for being so entertaining and bringing lots of visitors to our brilliant theatre.


What happened in 2009
Kinetix UK

kinetix uk - long live the ringmaster

Long Live the Ringmaster

After the success of their 2008 show, Kinetix Theatre returned to Cornwall with an action packed family show, full of death defying stunts, comedy and mayhem.

Beautiful costumes and skilful routines made this a memorable show which had the audience laughing all the way through as the members of Pollockski's circus tried to reconstruct the crime and find out who really did kill the Ringmaster.... After the show, members of the audience joined in with gusto trying their hands at some new skills (and we are not just talking about the kids here!).


The Wind in the Willows
Heartbreak Productions

Heartbreak Productions Wind in the Willows


The Wind in the Willows
By Kenneth Grahame
Directed by Marie McCarthy

Wild Woods, winding lanes, high jinks and increasingly ill-advised modes of transport.....

This was an absolute joy, with the River Bankers and the Wild Wooders giving stunning performances despite starting the performance in a light drizzle. The music in particular was a delight, the vocal arrangements sounding amazing echoing off the walls of the quarry.



Miracle Theatre


Miracle Theatre presents Tartuffe by Moliere



He only wants what’s best from you!

Adapted and directed by Bill Scott from the original by Molière
Music by Jim Carey and BragaTanga

Once again Miracle came up trumps with this new adaptation of Molière’s masterclass in hypocrisy, which was much enjoyed by the appreciative audience.

We were lucky with the weather and everyone had a great time.

Don't miss them next year - this is a really great place to see any Miracle show!



What happened at the Theatre in Summer 2008...

anvil productions
Miracle Theatre

who'd be a smuggler?

stage combat


We presented four different shows in 2008, from three different companies.

In July, Welsh company Anvil Productions performed 'Othello' and 'David Copperfield' to small but enthusiastic audiences. The weather held (in fact we had a scorcher for David Copperfield) and apart from having plenty of room for a few more bottoms on seats, it was a great success, not only gaining the Trust a few new members, but also adding cash to the CMT coffers.

In August, Miracle Theatre brought us 'Jason' which was a sell-out and left us wondering if we should build an extra row of seating! We are very much looking forward to seeing them again in 2009.

Our September production was 'Who'd be a Smuggler?' from Kinetix UK. This was a family show combining acrobatics, Free-Running, stage combat and comedy. Despite deteriorating weather conditions, the company did a great job and we hope they will visit us again soon.

The theatre has also been used a few times during 2008 for private functions such as wedding and birthday celebrations. Email the Secretary if you would like more details about this. Theatre companies interested in performing should contact the Events Officer.

We are now planning our 2010 performances - watch this space for details - and don't forget that CMT members get concessions on ticket prices....





The Theatre Quarry History

After the purchase of the land on Carn Marth by the Trust it was decided to convert the lower quarry into an open air theatre. At first this was a very rough and ready affair. Despite this and a power failure half way through, the first production, by Cornwall Theatre Company ‘The Three Musketeers’, was a tremendous success and generated much needed funds for the group. Enthusiastic audiences of over four hundred brought cushions, blankets and most importantly, food and drink.


theatre quarry

early works at the theatre


Since those early days the Theatre Quarry has seen productions and performances every year by many differing groups, these include Shiva, Kneehigh, Miracle, Hammered Steel, Carharrack & St Day Silver Band and Doreen Fiol’s influential Children’s Theatre, among many others. We now have purpose made terracing thanks to the efforts of local Stone mason Roger Eslick and the generous loan of an earth mover from the now defunct Kerrier Groundwork Trust, and electricity on site


The postcode of the theatre is TR16 5TA, (Grid Ref SW714 406) for those of you needing to find us on a map.



The Theatre is available to hire on very competitive terms, contact our events manager.



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