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Newsletter No 1 2009

I know it’s almost February already, but, Happy New Year to you all, as we start our twenty third year of caring for land on the Carn. My apologies for not getting a Christmas edition out, many ‘things‘ conspired against it. The sun shines on the Carn every day, doesn’t it, the photo doesn’t lie and here it is this morning, a heart lifting Sunday in January.

Bracken bashing! The First Phase of our program to reduce the bracken on Trevarth Common to manageable proportions, to make way for regeneration of Lowland Heath, took place before Christmas. Spraying with the least objectionable biocide was carried out alongside several ‘control’ areas where spraying wasn’t used but the bracken was scythed instead. The whole program is being monitored.

Shock Horror! Above average attendance at the AGM! Was it something to do with our speakers, Mark Kaczmarek and David Hodgson? Quite probably, but whatever the reason, we all had an enjoyable meeting, together with seeing some of our new members for the first time. Our treasurer for many years, Chris Gladwell has had to move on and hand over to Keith. Our thanks to Chris for all his cheerful work. Incidentally our finances look the healthiest they’ve been for quite a few years thanks to the theatre and some very generous donations.

The Stones. Following the continued commercial use of the Top Pool by a local riding stables for swimming horses, with insurance and indemnity problems  remaining unresolved despite over eighteen months negotiations, we have had to place the large rocks at the entrance to the Pool. Unfortunately this affects all users, not just the stables in question, and it must be said we are as unhappy about this as anyone. As soon as the position is resolved we will be looking into moving the rocks, so we do ask that you bear with us. Thank you.

Get your new diaries out. A Winter Walk will be held on February 1st, it will be led by our Chairman Dr Dave Hodgson, he will be talking about Biodiversity etc. Meet at Wheal Amelia up Carn Marth Lane at 11am. Stout shoes and weather proof clothes are a must. We already have a booking for the first of the summer’s theatre productions. ‘Heartbreak Productions’ are putting on ‘The Wind in the Willows’ on Monday August 10th.  Further details to come. Both Miracle and Kinetix Productions are also keen to return, as are we to have them back. We will let you know when they are coming. Last summer was the best season of productions we have had for some time, both in attendance and weather, fingers crossed for something similar, or even better. See you there!

Nature Notes. Whilst walking the dogs we have been delighted with the Violets in bloom on one path in particular in November and December. Are they early or are they late, or do they always flower at this time? Drop us a line any experts out there, if you know the answer. A Woodcock took to the air from under our feet near the top ten days ago and a Grey Wagtail has also been seen, while Ravens are a daily occurrence. Not much more than two and a half months to the first Swallows, a sight to look forward to.   

Stop Press. Among the several donations recently received was one for £500 awarded to us through the efforts of Robert Davis in his capacity as a member of a London Charitable Organisation connected with the publishing world. A big thank you to Robert.

Also, my spies tell me that the three pools in Cathedral (Martins) Quarry are now one, following the recent heavy rain.

Jan 09


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